Sakurablossom Dizzywood

Garden Guru

All you need to do is accept the mission then you will be given a special bottle of Moxie Mulch that you need to take to Kat in the Garden.

You get 100 coins and you unlock 2 more missions, Seed Scavenger and Wilted Shrubbery.

Seed Scavenger

For this mission you need to find the Joysnap seeds. They are located in Wildwood Glen.

You get the Joysnap seeds and you unlock ANOTHER mission called Raise a Joysnap.

Wilted Shrubbery

In this mission Kat needs you to deliver a snippet of a branch to the Science Tent in Explorers Camp. So first go to the Garden and look for a wilted shrub.

Then you take the shrub to the Science Tent in Explorers Camp.

You get 200 coins for this mission.

Raise a Joysnap

For this mission all you need to do is grow your Joysnap seeds you got from Seed Scavenger. It is a very simple mission. You get a beautiful Joysnap pot plant. (It looks super cool in your house).




Written by Dizzywood Team on November 23, 2008 – 11:30 pm

They’ve got smiles on their faces, they’re your favorite companion as you explore, and they’ve suffered under Emperor Withering’s power long enough! We are speaking of the magical critters of Dizzywood. These defenseless creatures have you to thank for freeing them of the foul curse of Withering, and it’s about time that you take control of what’s yours!

There’s always work to be done to keep Withering’s plots at a distance, but it looks like your efforts have paid off. With the help of his minions, Emperor Withering used his power to place a curse on all critters, making it only possible for you to drop your critter in your own home. This curse was so strong and so evil that he never allowed your critter the freedom of jumping, or flying around your home; the helpless creatures could only stay frozen where they stood. And worst yet, he never wanted to give you ownership of your critter after it had been saved. Do you remember the curse he put over your critters? We dare not speak the word, but we will one last time. He cursed your critters to belong to…NULL!

No longer will we have to put up with this Explorers! We’ve broken the curse over these creatures and they can now live the life they were always meant to live.

Next time you drop your critter in your home, you can happily watch them prance around, follow you, or tear up the furniture. And the best news of all, you can take them over to your buddy’s home! Critters are social creatures and display great happiness if you let them play with others. Give it a try next time you visit someone’s home.



Written by Dizzywood Team on November 24, 2008 – 6:32 pm

Have you been training with Spy Bear, fine tuning your Secret Agent skills? Whether you’re a top notch Agent, or just discovering Spy Bear’s Missions for the first time, there’s a Spying Badge for you!

How do you get a Mission Badge?

Simple. Complete the Spy Bear Missions that are located in your Missions tab.

How do I know when I get my Mission Badge?

As you continue to report to duty, fulfill missions at task, and increase your skills, you’ll be rewarded with the colored badge associated with how skillful you’ve become. The first badge you can get is orange. But just like anything else, the more you do something the better you’ll get. Before you know it, you’ll be closer to the next, and higher colored badge.

Be ready to put your spy training into action and share with your friends what badge you’ve achieved!



Me and Pinkteddy42 hangin’ out in The Cave of Articus Frost!!

Me and Pinkteddy42



OK, first go into Jaguar Temple (make sure you have invisibility) and move a little to the right and you will see a red elixir.

Get the red elixir then head down to the Crystal Catacombs. The barrel is located just in front of the Mines.

You get 200 coins!!


First go to Garden Gazebo and look for the Spy Briefcase.

Once you find it you will play a very easy game of Word Race.

You get 200 coins!



Don’t forget to collect your Sunny Day Glasses, Fishing Rod and Beach Towel from Breakwater Beach. Now that Summer is just around the corner they might come in handy! 😉

You can ghostray the surfboard for the Sunny Day Glasses.

Click the towels next to the beach hut for yours!

If you walk into the sea, a bit further out you can see a ship and if you ghostray it on the side is a fishing rod!